Book Cover Reveal on July 27th!


Check it out! I’m all smiles today. Wanna know why? Nope, I didn’t just meet Spiderman in person or finally recover from jet lag after a month in South Africa. And no, I didn’t just save a kitten from a tree. Well, maybe I accomplished some of those things.

The real reason I’m smiling today is because I can finally announce that the book cover for THE REAPER’S KISS, A Deathmark Novel will be shared on July 27th! It’s beautiful and perfect and deserves a little love from you!

If you run a blog, etc, then please sign up here to be the firs to share the cover with the world:

And if you just want to see the cover and ogle it, stay tuned. July 27th is rapidly approaching.


Oh, Shit, where have I been?


Well, I’ll be, I’ve gone done something bad, haven’t I? I’ve neglected this little blog for quite a while. And by a while, I mean for over six months. Mea culpa.

But, let’s be honest. Who really visits blogs these days anyway? 

Here’s the update if you care to know:

1) Book 1 of the Deathmark series will be out in the summer. No word on official pub date. Stay tuned.

2) I will announce the winner of the December book contest in the beginning of March. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to know the details about future prizes (books and whatnot). I will NOT spam you. Pinky swear.

3) I’m in graduate school, folks. I’m also working full time. And I’m editing my current book and writing a new book. Frazzled, Abby, you ask? Yes, my dears, yes indeed I am. So, I’m not around these parts much anymore and probably won’t be until the end of time. Ok, ok, that was slightly hyperbolic. More like two minutes shy of the end of time. Better?

4) Oh, and there is a very good chance I will spend most of this coming summer outside of the country in a faraway land. This means limited access to this social media stuff, which means–you probably guessed it–no blog posts.

But who really visits blogs these days anyway? 😉

Peace and love and light, my friends,


So I Met Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon

Story time about the day I learned that I met the crossbow-wielding hero, Daryl Dixon.


Meaghan and I were called the “rocket scientists” in high school by our Spanish teacher out of pure, affectionate love. One of our projects together was to write directions in Spanish on any subject of our choosing and then act it out in the front of the class. Meaghan and I described how to put on makeup. Dressed as Frenchmen in striped shirts and red scarves for some reason (we must’ve forgotten that we were in Spanish class), Meaghan and I convinced our male friend to dress in a pink miniskirt and belly-baring tee-shirt and sit in front of our classmates as we slapped on a makeup job that perfectly emulated the Housewives of New Jersey. Seriously.

We got an A because we were Rocket Scientists. And our male friend was just that great.

Whenever Meaghan and I are together, magic happens.

So in 2011, Meaghan came for a visit. She was on a break from the Army Reserves. We had one day to hangout and there was no argument when the idea of going to Comi-Con was mentioned.

Tollway Warrior

Tollyway Warrior for, you know, Chicago’s many, many toll booths.


Yellow dude

Not sure what he is but he’s quire and yellow and welcomed a hug.


That’s right. Awesome-O


My childhood hero!

As you see, we got plenty of photos with random costumed folk. We nearly glomped Gumby. I nearly glomped Spiderman. Oh my word, Spiderman!

As we walked by the looooooong line for Bruce Campbell (hero!), commenting on how it was too bad that we didn’t get tickets to meet him, someone from Bruce’s group pulled Meaghan aside, telling her that Bruce wanted to thank her for her service. Meaghan being the friend that she is, grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd and up to his table. He signed a picture for her (which she had him sign for me) and chatted idly. I was too star struck to say anything. I stood there and smiled. Yep, just smiled.

But that was only the beginning. The organizers of Comi-Con wanted to treat Meaghan so they asked her if there was anyone she wanted to meet and hadn’t. She didn’t skip a beat when she shouted “Boondocks Saints.” And with that, they escorted us to their booth so Meaghan could meet the cast and get photos.

Yours truly was the honored photographer. The pictures of the “Rocket Scientists’” special adventure were posted to Facebook, commented on, and then time rolled onward.

This month I started watching The Walking Dead because, well, there was a marathon of all four seasons on AMC. I quickly fell into the rabbit hole of zombies and wilderness survival. Naturally, I love the shit out of Daryl Dixon. Who doesn’t, amirite? I looked up Norman Reedus on IMDB and scanned his movie credits. Boondocks Saints popped up.

My heart fluttered when I remembered that in 2011 Meaghan and I got to meet the Boondocks Saints at Chicago Comi-Con. I flipped back through my pictures and, lo and behold, I came to discover that I HAVE A PICTURE OF MEAGHAN WITH DARYL DIXON FROM THE WALKING DEAD!

Daryl Dixon

Meaghan with DARYL DIXON!

Sum of all these parts? I’m definitely watching season 5 of The Walking Dead in the fall. And I’m gonna call Meaghan and talk about our bestie, Daryl, and how, ya know, the writers shouldn’t kill him off.

Mountains are Like Boobies

Quandary Peak

People get distracted by mountains, particularly the Rocky Mountains. They are, as I’ve said to friends, distracting like a pair of boobies. You can’t look away no matter how hard you try. Perhaps I have a deep-seated interest in tatas (who doesn’t, amirite?). But really, my passion has more to do with the Rocky’s raw beauty.

This past Saturday I climbed my first 14er. For those who don’t know, a 14er is a mountain peak over 14,000-feet. Colorado has dozens of them. The altitude on a 14er is enough to make breathing laborious. Add in hiking at a steep grade and… well, yeah… it was a similar intensity to running a marathon.

So, I climbed Quandary Peak. 14,265 feet above sea level. I climbed it with two fantastic friends. I met goats, a pika, and I sledded 500ft down a humongous snow gully on my butt.

I dislike the overuse of “awesome.” But I can honestly say this experience was indeed awesome. 

Quandary Trailhead

We started the ascent around 10,500ft. We gained a thousand feet each mile.

Yeah. Hard.As.Fuck.

Quandary View

But as you can see, the view was well worth the exertion.

Quandary Peak

Quandary presented a couple false summits. The above picture was not one of them. However, you CAN see the summit from here. I called bullshit when my hiking partners pointed it out. And to be honest I was discouraged. “That’s a looooong way,” I lamented.

Quandary Goat

Then we came upon this mountain goat and I forgot about the distance. This dude was not shy. He got close enough to ram us with those gnarly horns. Last thing I needed was an extra the hole in the backside, so we moved on–cautiously.

Quanary Pika

This little guy–a pika–popped out of the rocks. He didn’t want to go home with me unless I gave him a snack. Next time I will bring food and then… then I’ll own a pika.

Quandary Summit

The view from the top. Is there anything better? There were several people at the top, which was very nice. Party on the summit! The party was so exciting that three women ripped off their shirts and bared their boobies to the mountains. I was half tempted to join them until I remembered that it was cold as a witch’s tit.

Quandary Peak

Yep, that’s me (with my top on). I made it. I didn’t die. I didn’t need supplemental oxygen. I did it from sheer will and grit. And I will do it again.

So We Made a Movie

Quote of the Day

And by movie, I mean, a friend asked for my assistance with her film shoot.

I met a friend through my boss–a woman I adore. Since my boss recommended this person, I was sure the friendship would flourish. And it did. We started as climbing partners. Amidst one of our climbing sessions, she invited me to join her in a movie project, one where she spotlights the wisdom of the various women she has met in her life. She asked six women in their twilight years the same questions she asked girls between four to nine. What she put together is one touching (and humorous) compilation of the beauty and strength of women–young and old.

I’m honored to have a small part in this project. I look forward to the film’s premiere when we get to see the actresses finally meet. Even better, the proceeds will go to help women in need in Colorado. :)

Check out some of the highlights from this past weekend’s movie shoot.

The Stage Before Setup

The Stage Before Setup

Mr. Floppy, the Producer

Mr. Floppy, the Producer

Ready for the Actresses

Ready for the Actresses

One of our Wise Stars

One of our Wise Stars

One of Our Little Stars

One of Our Little Stars

Our Photographer Getting Some Direction From Mr. Floppy

Our Photographer Getting Some Direction From Mr. Floppy

One of Our Stars and Our Director

One of Our Stars and Our Director

The Post-Shoot Treat

The Post-Shoot Treat

With the Director

With the Director

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

Meanwhile, in the land of 420

Crooked Stave

As the world knows, yesterday was Easter. It was my mother’s birthday. And if you have been living underground for the past year, it was 420 here in the land of legal pot. There was a rally in Denver which seems unnecessary. What are they rallying for?

Since I don’t celebrate Easter, yesterday was all about Mom. So at the crack of dawn, we queued up at this place:

Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnuts

Now, go ahead and assume that because we went to a fancy doughnut shop that we partook in that 420 rally. The line for doughnuts was out the door and everyone, except for a foursome of college-aged girls with unusually vibrant energy for 7:30am on a Sunday, was mellow. I stand my ground that everyone in line was baked. Well, not Mom, Dad, and me. Had we been stoned, the rowdy college girls might not have seemed so painfully intriguing. Might’ve.

Then we went here:

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Colorado boasts a mild climate compared to where I came from (Chicago, bitches). Since the climate is kinder to humans and other living things, the flowers and trees at the Gardens put on a beautiful show for Mom’s special day. I fell in love with the Pasque flower which is native to Colorado and is soft as kitten fur.

Pasque Flower


We made a stop at Denver’s finest sour beer brewery and a rival to California’s Russian River, in my opinion:

Crooked Stave

Crooked Stave

And then a brief hike at Lily Lake (8900ft above sea level) in Rocky Mountain National Park was in order, a place where we saw two muskrats and lots of evil geese getting ready for spring. Mr. T climbed a boulder with me. He hates to climb.

Lily Lake

The evening rounded out with baked chicken, roasted asparagus in olive oil and garlic, buttered Parmesan macaroni (a family favorite) all prepared by yours truly, another Voodoo doughnut for the birthday lady, an educational sit-down with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and then a glimpse at Mars in the clear, night sky.

Farewell, friends. Back to the editing cave I go…

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