Shazam! BOOK DEAL!

  Let’s see. How should I announce that my debut novel, DEATHMARK (the working title), a Quebec City urban fantasy about a world of grim reapers and a one rebellious tattoo artist, will be published? Should I say it with balloons? Cupcakes? Fist bumps for all? Chippendale dancers? Since completing the novel and signing with … [Read more…]

Stop Yur Complainin’!

I recognize the blatant irony in writing about people who complain because that’s what I’m doing today. Like the world needs one more complaint, right? Outlets like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. are great for connecting with the world. Through Facebook I watched a friend take her first big motorcycle trip across the country. I enjoyed reading … [Read more…]

Just Imagine Them Nekkid

In Abby’s Ancient History Book, there is a loooooong chapter (or 2) about me in music school. Yes, yes, long ago I studied vocal performance, aka oratorio, classical, musical theater, and opera. Yeup. Metalhead, tattooed me. And back then I actually liked listening to opera and musical theater as opposed to today when I run screaming from it. My … [Read more…]