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2015 Get Wicked with Entangled Blog Hop!


Happy Halloween, Humans!

Here’s a little something-something as a Halloween treat from the world of Styx…


After raiding Lethe, the underground lair of the Head Reaper, Brent and I convened around a piping hot radiator in my livingroom. The temptation to sit on it and warm my buns was there, but I resisted. What was impossible to resist was standing side by side with Brent without touching. And the more we sought warmth, the closer we became. Too soon we were all but hugging in effort to regain our body heat.

Had he suggested removing our clothes, I would not have partaken. I would have liked to know what the rebel Brent Hume was like in the bedroom, but not right before Lethe, in Lethe, or after Lethe, and certainly not standing over a radiator, shivering ourselves silly.

My clicking teeth slowed as the radiator, and Brent’s body heat, melted a layer of ice on my clothing. “Did you… you get the Reaper’s name?”

He pulled down the collar of his shirt to expose a white notecard inside a plastic bag—the prize from Lethe. A name was scribbled on it, but from what I could see the writing had bled. Brent noticed a second after me.

“Mother fucker,” he groused. “The ink got wet.”

“Of course it did.” It was too much energy to roll my eyes. For now, I needed heat. Lots and lots of heat.

He held the baggie up to the overhead light. “I see a name. Baird.”

“Is that a last name or first? Is it a male or female? Who is it?” My shivering worsened my panic, which in turn worsened my shivering. “We did this all for nothing, didn’t we? Didn’t we?”

“Good Hades, calm down, Scrivener.” He turned from me when I tried to get a peek at the name through the soggy baggie. Not one to take such an obvious cue to give him space, I went for it, using my own shivering to launch into the air. Quick as he was, he underestimated my determination. The baggie was in my hands before my feet touched the floor. Being short and swift was a fine offense against tall and slow.

“Hey!” he barked.

“It says Baird. It’s a last name.” I ducked when he reach around my shoulders, thwarting his effort to retrieve the baggy. “But I can’t read the first name. No knowing if it is a guy or gal.”

“Give it back.” Brent refused to continue reaching for the prize, as if little ol’ Olivia outplaying him was a front to his ego.

“I don’t know a Baird,” I said.

“Neither do I. This means I can’t just look the Reaper up and distract him or her like I had planned.”

“So I was right?” I dropped my arms to my sides as we faced each other, Brent looking as bewildered and broken as I felt.

“Seems so.”

I sighed to keep from breaking into tears. My shoulders and head felt heavy. The couch seemed a great place to throw myself down and let my emotions pour out. I would’ve found out, if Brent did rush at me and grab the baggie. There was only a small glimpse of his wicked smile before we found ourselves entangled, both vying for the prize. A moment after, I found out what it would be like to collapse onto the couch, only with the Eidolon, too, falling over top of me. The springs of the IKEA beast cringed from our weight.

Thoughts of Eve and the name Baird flitted away in exchange for one very real thing hovering above me.

I grew tense but hopeful when his eyes turned to my lips. I knew what that meant. Every woman did. However selfish and grossly out of place it was, I was okay with one kiss, more curious than frightened to discover what it is like to kiss an Eidolon who could drain my life. Perhaps my motivation was to ridicule Fate by kissing the lips of Death himself. Or maybe I was cold, tired, and downright horny.

Peace out.


The Reaper’s Kiss Book Release TODAY! :)

THE REAPER’S KISS, A Deathmark Novel is finally out! You can snag your copy here with one little click:

I am lucky. Seeing The Reaper’s Kiss in print has been a long road. So, I wish to thank everyone involved in the process. But most of all, I wish to thank my readers. A writer is nothing without her readers.Throughout this looong journey, people have asked about my writing process. So, for today, release day, I’m going to defer to a friend and let her tell you:


Bonjour! This is Ollie, the protagonist from Abigail’s debut paranormal romance, The Reaper’s Kiss. Abigail—or Abby as I prefer to call her—was asked to write a post on her writing process. Seeing as her writing process is dictated by Yours Truly, I thought it would be more interesting to tell you how I get her motivated to put her fingers to the keyboard. Abby doesn’t mind, of course. Or if she does, she didn’t put up a protest.  She knows better.

First of all, I chose Abby to write my story because she was the first to pick up on my super-sonic brainwaves. Poor thing.

Once I got her attention, I screamed in her ear every second of every day. Easy-peasy, right?

Well, it wasn’t. According to her boyfriend, Abby is stubborn and known to dawdle. So, I went for a more aggressive approach like dancing on her bed in the middle of the night.

I’m paranormal. I can dance for days. Non-stop.

The good news is that Abby came around and agreed to write my story. Our professional relationship was bliss from here on out. Well, maybe not for her. But for me, I had accomplished a major feat, so I made sure to celebrate with cool flair.

But once Abby started writing my story, it didn’t flow out of her in one week of manic typing. She went through several rewrites after she got notes from her beta readers, her agent, and her editor. I was worried that some of the best parts of my story would get cut. I made sure to tell her this concern at every possible moment. When that didn’t work, I used force.

Ultimately, The Reaper’s Kiss tells my story precisely as I told it to her, with a few minor embellishments. I mean, I do have striking green eyes and a fearless nature, but I am really not that bad at the game of Checkers and I don’t cheat at board games.

So that’s how I got Abigail Baker to tell my story for the world to read. It was a campaign of relentless willpower. And I won. I always win.

Au Revoir,
xOllie Dormier

Be sure to post #deathmarkseries on your Twitter and Facebook feeds. I’d love to get #deathmarkseries trending. And of course, I’d love to get book one of #deathmarkseries trending on bestselling lists too.Peace out!

Book Cover Reveal on July 27th!


Check it out! I’m all smiles today. Wanna know why? Nope, I didn’t just meet Spiderman in person or finally recover from jet lag after a month in South Africa. And no, I didn’t just save a kitten from a tree. Well, maybe I accomplished some of those things.

The real reason I’m smiling today is because I can finally announce that the book cover for THE REAPER’S KISS, A Deathmark Novel will be shared on July 27th! It’s beautiful and perfect and deserves a little love from you!

If you run a blog, etc, then please sign up here to be the firs to share the cover with the world:

And if you just want to see the cover and ogle it, stay tuned. July 27th is rapidly approaching.


Oh, Shit, where have I been?


Well, I’ll be, I’ve gone done something bad, haven’t I? I’ve neglected this little blog for quite a while. And by a while, I mean for over six months. Mea culpa.

But, let’s be honest. Who really visits blogs these days anyway? 

Here’s the update if you care to know:

1) Book 1 of the Deathmark series will be out in the summer. No word on official pub date. Stay tuned.

2) I will announce the winner of the December book contest in the beginning of March. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to know the details about future prizes (books and whatnot). I will NOT spam you. Pinky swear.

3) I’m in graduate school, folks. I’m also working full time. And I’m editing my current book and writing a new book. Frazzled, Abby, you ask? Yes, my dears, yes indeed I am. So, I’m not around these parts much anymore and probably won’t be until the end of time. Ok, ok, that was slightly hyperbolic. More like two minutes shy of the end of time. Better?

4) Oh, and there is a very good chance I will spend most of this coming summer outside of the country in a faraway land. This means limited access to this social media stuff, which means–you probably guessed it–no blog posts.

But who really visits blogs these days anyway? 😉

Peace and love and light, my friends,


Meanwhile, in the land of 420

Crooked Stave

As the world knows, yesterday was Easter. It was my mother’s birthday. And if you have been living underground for the past year, it was 420 here in the land of legal pot. There was a rally in Denver which seems unnecessary. What are they rallying for?

Since I don’t celebrate Easter, yesterday was all about Mom. So at the crack of dawn, we queued up at this place:

Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnuts

Now, go ahead and assume that because we went to a fancy doughnut shop that we partook in that 420 rally. The line for doughnuts was out the door and everyone, except for a foursome of college-aged girls with unusually vibrant energy for 7:30am on a Sunday, was mellow. I stand my ground that everyone in line was baked. Well, not Mom, Dad, and me. Had we been stoned, the rowdy college girls might not have seemed so painfully intriguing. Might’ve.

Then we went here:

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Colorado boasts a mild climate compared to where I came from (Chicago, bitches). Since the climate is kinder to humans and other living things, the flowers and trees at the Gardens put on a beautiful show for Mom’s special day. I fell in love with the Pasque flower which is native to Colorado and is soft as kitten fur.

Pasque Flower


We made a stop at Denver’s finest sour beer brewery and a rival to California’s Russian River, in my opinion:

Crooked Stave

Crooked Stave

And then a brief hike at Lily Lake (8900ft above sea level) in Rocky Mountain National Park was in order, a place where we saw two muskrats and lots of evil geese getting ready for spring. Mr. T climbed a boulder with me. He hates to climb.

Lily Lake

The evening rounded out with baked chicken, roasted asparagus in olive oil and garlic, buttered Parmesan macaroni (a family favorite) all prepared by yours truly, another Voodoo doughnut for the birthday lady, an educational sit-down with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and then a glimpse at Mars in the clear, night sky.

Farewell, friends. Back to the editing cave I go…

Tattooist Spotlight: Erica Cyr

Erica Cyr Tattooist

Tattooist Spotlight is a blog series featuring the talents of tattoo artists all over the US and world. For the next three weeks my second guest, Erica Cyr (check out her Instagram: ericacyrtattoos) hailing from Ascending Koi Tattoo and Apparel in Calgary will answer questions asked by yours truly and you–the readers. 

But FIRST, let’s learn a little about Erica’s background. :)

Erica has been an artist and art lover since she was a child that roamed Montreal museums with her mother. As a junior artist, Erica is honing her artistry influenced by her love of illustrative art, low-brow art, etchings, ink, and watercolour. Inspired by fine art, film and music, she feels privileged to work with so many creative talents with her fellow tattooists. Albert Einstein’s words, “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts”, illustrates Erica’s blessing of her love of art actualized in creative talent with a passion to share that with others. source

Ascending Koi’s social media manager connected with me through Twitter of all places! I was thrilled to have been connected with Erica. Though I don’t know her personally, she is a delight to communicate with and her talent is evident in her collection of skin art. I’m honored and thrilled to share her answers to my list of questions.

1) Every great tattooist is an artist first. What do you do when you have a creative block and need inspiration?

I find inspiration in many mediums. Outside of just art and tattoo, film and music inspire me as well. I love working with such talented people in the shop because it pushes me to try new things. Taking art classes outside of work help too. I find it easy to get stuck in routine, in terms of how I draw or approach a new piece so classes really help break that mold for me because they give me knew ways of understanding and approaching any work I do. Though, I get most of my inspiration from other tattoos and tattoo artists. I am amazed everyday by the kinds of art that can be put in the skin, so many people are breaking the bounds of what seems possible for a tattoo and I think that is so exciting. 

2) Have you always wanted to be a tattooist?

I just wanted to be an artist. I’ve always thought tattoos were beautiful and knew I would have them but never understood how someone went about becoming a tattoo artist. Then when I was 18, I had an opportunity to try it out, learning about it for a couple of days under an artist in Montreal. So I did, fell in love with it, came back to Calgary and decided I wasn’t going back to university and that I would look for an apprenticeship. After months of looking, I ended up at Ascending Koi where I still am now 2 and a half years later! 

[blockquote blockquote_style=”overlayed” align=”right” text_align=”center”]

I just need to say that I don’t think every tattoo needs to have a spiritual or, for lack of a better word, meaningful explanation. If you can appreciate a piece of art so much that you would like to wear it, that is just as meaningful to me.


3) The industry has been dominated by men. Even though you are successful and talented, you’ve probably gotten pushback from people because of your gender alone. Do you still face pushback? How do you deal with it? What advice can you offer women who want to pursue tattooing as a career?

There are more men in the industry but to be honest, and this has only been my experience so far, I haven’t found many obstacles because I am a woman. I think any pressures I felt, I put on myself, feeling I had to prove myself because I’m a woman and because I’m the youngest in my shop and one of the least experienced. But all the guys I work with are really supportive and have been huge influences on me. To me it feels like nowadays the art is the most important part. It’s so cool to see so many talented women tattooing and creating such amazing works of art. I think if you want to pursue tattooing you have to be really driven and passionate and take everything as a learning opportunity because there is so much to learn. I don’t think you ever stop learning, it’s just so complex. I think that’s how you earn the respect of your peers, no matter what gender you are!  And also I have had many women and men who are excited to find out they’re working with a female tattoo artist because it still isn’t as common! So I think the industry has changed quite a bit.

[image url=”” width=”70%” height=”auto” align=”left” caption_style=”impact” caption_align=”top-left”][/image]

4) Some people get ink because it is the trendy thing to do. But there are a lot of people out there who get ink for spiritual, personal and/or meaningful reasons. Considering how intimate the tattooing process is, how did it make you feel to design the work and etch it into their skin? 

I have one client, who initially was booked with one of the other guys in the shop,  that I was definitely meant to work with.  She was booked with someone else accidentally on his day off and I happened to be free for consultation. I was really excited right away by what she wanted to get and we got along really well and its been a joy to work with her on this piece! Not that crazy but I don’t believe it was a coincidence!

I just need to say that I don’t think every tattoo needs to have a spiritual or, for lack of a better word, meaningful explanation. If you can appreciate a piece of art so much that you would like to wear it, that is just as meaningful to me. But yes, tattoos are a really good way of commemorating someone special to you or something meaningful. I have done quite a few memorial tattoos. I find it very touching that clients trust in me to do something that is so important to them and holds so much meaning. It’s beautiful that tattoos can commemorate a person or moment in time that you can literally carry it for the rest of your life. 

5) My main character in the DEATHMARK Series tattoos unwitting people for grim reapers. She doesn’t want to continue with this job after she has to mark her best human friend for a reaper. DEATHMARK is an allegory, saying “Stand up for what you believe in even if it means starting a revolution to be heard.” Tell me about something that means a lot to you with regard to your industry? What needs to be heard from tattoo artists?

It’s important to me for clients to know that allowing your artists to have even a bit of artistic freedom can make a huge difference. It’s important to do your research to see which artist meshes with you and what you are imagining. Tattoo artists, for the most part, were artists before they ever picked up a tattoo machine. There are many aspects to my pieces, the smallest details, that I put so much thought into that may never be noticed by anyone but me and my client. 

Hey Readers! Want to know Erica’s favorite part of her job? Want to find her in 2014? Stayed tuned a week from today when I will post five more questions and Jessica’s answers.

And don’t forget to ask Erica your questions about tattoos and the industry in the comments of this post! I will post your questions and Erica’s answers here in two weeks. (Remember to keep questions polite and relevant)

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