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Tattooist Spotlight: Jessica Weichers

Jessica Weichers Tattooist

Tattooist Spotlight is a blog series featuring the talents of tattoo artists all over…

Regarding my Inner-Gollum…

I’m a hoarder.

There. I said it.

You can count on me to overload my plate of food at parties because I…

A Ghost Story on NYE

Colorado Tried to Kill Me


A few years ago, Mr. T and friends rented a car and drove from the west coast to Chicago. Road…

Tuesday Thoughts: The Turkey Grim Reaper

I cried today.

For anyone who has read my pre-November 2013 posts, you know that I am…

Shazam! BOOK DEAL!


Let’s see. How should I announce that my debut novel, DEATHMARK (the working title), a

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