Where’s My Crystal Ball, Dammit?!

Netflix ruined me. Actually, Netflix reminds me that I’ve got a problem that roots far earlier than instant-watch television. The issue: I don’t like surprises, er, I don’t like stories unfolding without me knowing exactly where they are headed. (this is why synopses rock my world!) Long ago, the hubby and I watched Two Brothers. … [Read more…]

Things Happen When You’re Sick…

I have been sick with a bilateral ear infection that has the same symptoms as strep throat. Yuck, right? It is. Point is, my throat is sore and ears hurt. I’ve been taking meds of all types to ease the discomfort for the past 5 days. I even went to work yesterday because I thought … [Read more…]

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

We called him Neko. He was a siamese cat with the heart of a lion. He loved to be cuddled no matter how he compromised his catly dignity. But that’s the thing. He wasn’t just a cat as some might say. He was a friend. Companion. He snuggled with me when I was sick or … [Read more…]

I am a Warrior

“A warrior is a realist. He realizes that, in an absolute and external sense, he is no more or no less valuable than any other human being. Outside factors, such as other people’s opinions, change capriciously in response to complex agendas. They are not reliable sources of self-worth because they are here one day and … [Read more…]