On Excessive Violence

My childhood was filled with many wonderful things–bicycle accidents, busted knees from falling off my skateboard, kick fights on the school playground with my friend in our jellies. It was the 80’s, a fabulous time to be young because inflatable palm trees and neon pink and green leg warmers were the “in” things. Little girls love that stuff. What else was “in” … [Read more…]

Just Imagine Them Nekkid

In Abby’s Ancient History Book, there is a loooooong chapter (or 2) about me in music school. Yes, yes, long ago I studied vocal performance, aka oratorio, classical, musical theater, and opera. Yeup. Metalhead, tattooed me. And back then I actually liked listening to opera and musical theater as opposed to today when I run screaming from it. My … [Read more…]

Westbound, Part 1

I’ve been travelling across the country for… hm… three years. Damn. Three years. Such a long time now that I think on it, but no time at all according to history. Human history that is. Over a few million years, we’ve destroyed ourselves, reducing our evolutionary progress to a few browbeaten stragglers like yours truly. … [Read more…]

Meet Bitch Abby

It’s a quiet afternoon in our humble living room. Hubby is reading page 200,005 of Game of Thrones and I’m training my dogs to bring me beer from the fridge when the front door explodes into wooden splinters and in stalks Bitch Abby. “Rawr!” She pounds her fists against her chest. Bitch Abby thinks she’s a silverback gorilla. But no one has … [Read more…]