Shazam! BOOK DEAL!

  Let’s see. How should I announce that my debut novel, DEATHMARK (the working title), a Quebec City urban fantasy about a world of grim reapers and a one rebellious tattoo artist, will be published? Should I say it with balloons? Cupcakes? Fist bumps for all? Chippendale dancers? Since completing the novel and signing with … [Read more…]

Just Imagine Them Nekkid

In Abby’s Ancient History Book, there is a loooooong chapter (or 2) about me in music school. Yes, yes, long ago I studied vocal performance, aka oratorio, classical, musical theater, and opera. Yeup. Metalhead, tattooed me. And back then I actually liked listening to opera and musical theater as opposed to today when I run screaming from it. My … [Read more…]

Westbound, Part 1

I’ve been travelling across the country for… hm… three years. Damn. Three years. Such a long time now that I think on it, but no time at all according to history. Human history that is. Over a few million years, we’ve destroyed ourselves, reducing our evolutionary progress to a few browbeaten stragglers like yours truly. … [Read more…]