Category: Romance

Book Cover Reveal on July 27th!


Check it out! I’m all smiles today. Wanna know why? Nope, I didn’t just meet Spiderman in person…

Oh, Shit, where have I been?


Well, I’ll be, I’ve gone done something bad, haven’t I? I’ve neglected this little blog for quite a…

The Request for Mid Adult


I had an interesting conversation with my friends this weekend while we frolicked around the snowy forests of Rocky Mountain…

Shazam! BOOK DEAL!


Let’s see. How should I announce that my debut novel, DEATHMARK (the working title), a

A Portrait of a Young and Happy Woman, Part 1

What Happened to the Monster?

I’ve gotta say that I’m thoroughly enjoying this semester’s film class (yay, school!). Because of it, I’m watching movies I wouldn’t ordinarily…

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