What Happened to the Monster?

I’ve gotta say that I’m thoroughly enjoying this semester’s film class (yay, school!). Because of it, I’m watching movies I wouldn’t ordinarily watch and reading articles about melodrama and women in film that I wouldn’t ordinarily read. Even with all this excitement with learning new things, I was thrilled when we spent a week on horror films … [Read more…]

I Have a Voice!

Ever have one of those days when walking feels like you’re trudging through gelatin or taking the stairs is an Olympic feat or staring at the computer screen or a book goes from effortless to frustrating? That’s my life these days. I’m not asking for sympathy. Hell, no. Just sayin’. I mention my exhaustion because it has … [Read more…]

Westbound, Part 1

I’ve been travelling across the country for… hm… three years. Damn. Three years. Such a long time now that I think on it, but no time at all according to history. Human history that is. Over a few million years, we’ve destroyed ourselves, reducing our evolutionary progress to a few browbeaten stragglers like yours truly. … [Read more…]