Friday Funny… ahem… yeah…

Long ago I posted a series of “Sunday Funnies.” You see, the problem with Sunday is that I like to sleep in and am rarely near a computer to post a funny picture. I know–I hear you. I can set the “publish” date for the future, but that feels like too much work today. Really, … [Read more…]

Sunday Funnies–Video Edition

I’ve been backpacking in RMNP and Yosemite. I’ve camped in 30 degree weather, which for this freeze-baby is torture. I’ve witnessed a marmot challenge my 6-foot-3 friend over a bag of freeze-dried food. Once woke up to high alpine deer sniffing out tent. I’ve shared a rock climbing route with a very nasty looking spider. … [Read more…]

Sunday (Sloth) Funnies

On Friday, a friend asked me if I wanted to see the cutest thing I’ll ever see. Naturally, I wanted to know. Who wouldn’t, right? So, she shared this video: [youtube=] I have watched the video over and over since Friday and every time my heart felt like a hand was squeezing the “aw” out … [Read more…]