Category: WIP

On Choices (and a sleeping fox)

Big heads-up, folks: I have been reading existentialist literature.

Oh, dear.

My academic…

Write Every Damn Day?

You know what I think of this post’s title?


Before you flame me, I’ll explain.

Silly Abby got the idea to run…

Thursday Music Moment: Imogen Heap

Another one for the WIP.

Thursday Music Moment: Ms. John Soda

I’m working on a new project and with it comes a new music playlist. So, here’s Ms. John Soda–a wonderful…

Lucky 7 Game

I was tagged by Liz Norris and Lori M Lee! Merci, lovely ladies. ♥ And, be sure to add…

Thursday Music Moment

A lot of people didn’t like Sucker Punch for an array of reasons. I did. And this song plays nicely…

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