Hades is Rolling in his Grave… err, Underworld

“Just 12 years after the arrival of the 6 billionth individual on the planet in 1999, humanity will greet the 7 billionth arrival this month. The world population continues its rapid ascent, with roughly 75 million more births than deaths each year. The consequences of a world crowded with 7 billion people are enormous. And … [Read more…]

Halloween-y Post: Do Something That Scares You

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHQ9pWEG9dE&feature=related] (The video gets exciting around the 58 second mark. Hold onto your panties! Oh, and that’s not me. I doubt I’ll ever have the guts to climb such a route. And ignore the awful music.) I have been climbing for a few years now. Every¬†moment I step up to the gray expanse of cold … [Read more…]

PSA: Concussions

I am a rock climber. I am an outdoors enthusiast. I love nature. But love does not save us from the perils of steep hikes, falling rocks, snake bites or bear attacks. While, yes, I love the outdoors, I, by no means, like the possible hazards it presents.¬† This past weekend I took a trip … [Read more…]

On Being an Introvert

I am a writer above all things. I’ve identified with this creative art more so than any other for many reasons, but one reason stands out: writing allows for my introverted nature to safely flourish. This is not to say I don’t mind climbing onto a stage and singing my heart out or teaching children … [Read more…]