I Have a Voice!

Ever have one of those days when walking feels like you’re trudging through gelatin or taking the stairs is an Olympic feat or staring at the computer screen or a book goes from effortless to frustrating? That’s my life these days. I’m not asking for sympathy. Hell, no. Just sayin’. I mention my exhaustion because it has … [Read more…]

Where’s My Crystal Ball, Dammit?!

Netflix ruined me. Actually, Netflix reminds me that I’ve got a problem that roots far earlier than instant-watch television. The issue: I don’t like surprises, er, I don’t like stories unfolding without me knowing exactly where they are headed. (this is why synopses rock my world!) Long ago, the hubby and I watched Two Brothers. … [Read more…]

Write Every Damn Day?

You know what I think of this post’s title? PFFT! Before you flame me, I’ll explain. Silly Abby got the idea to run a 15K in November. That’s 9.3 miserable miles in the cold. I don’t usually run more than 4 miles if I do run and before yesterday I haven’t slipped into my running … [Read more…]