It ain’t always about writing, folks.

This past weekend we went to Red River Gorge, KY for rock climbing, camping, and good times. It was an all-around awesome experience. Although, had I known we’d wake up on Saturday morning with ice covering our tent and my hubby disdainfully peering at me through his sleeping bag like this– –I might’ve suggested a … [Read more…]

Thursday Music Moment

Today’s song always makes me cry. I have sustained a longtime love for Loreena McKennitt. I discovered her in high school, back when I was an aspiring singer/musician, and since I have kept her close to my heart. She inspired me to learn to play celtic harp. So, the following song is a longtime favorite … [Read more…]

The Anti-NaNoWrimo Post

I am NOT against writing a book in a month. More power to those authors who can. It’s an achievement just to write a novel. To pen one in 30 days is pretty friggin’ awesome (although, why the-powers-that-be don’t designate NaNoWrimo for months with 31 days like January or October I’ll never know. I mean, 24 extra hours won’t hurt!). Anyway. I am the Anti-NaNoWrimo writer. I will never participate in … [Read more…]