I had an interesting conversation with my friends this weekend while we frolicked around the snowy forests of Rocky Mountain National Park. The air was thin and crisp. City noises were non-existent. And the snow-capped mountains were breathtaking. This majesty made for good conversation. Since we all enjoy a good book, our conversation navigated toward our latest reads.

The subject of New Adult came up. Or better said, I brought up the genre and my friends gave me looks of puzzlement. Both had a good idea of what New Adult was, but I explained it anyway. For those who don’t know, New Adult is for ages 18-23 and tells a story about a young woman stepping out into the world for the first time. There are several elements–first love and consequently hot sex, first major decisions as an adult. One person described it as “NA is when you find yourself.”

The ladder description baffles me. Or maybe it worries me. Seeing as I am older than the New Adult age range and I’m still finding myself, I wonder if I’m behind. My friends are also in their mid-thirties and are single and live on their own. We talk about men on occasion. Sex too. But most importantly, in the 35-36 age range, we are STILL FINDING OURSELVES.

I have read a couple New Adult books and they are enjoyable enough. That said, I’m in a very different part of my life, one that mimics the 18-23 age group but with added wisdom, experience, and baggage. So then this brings me to a question for the publishing industry:

Can 30-40-year-old unmarried women have a Mid Adult genre, please? (preferably one with more depth and soul than the Sex in the City phenomena)

Thank you.