On Being an Introvert

I am a writer above all things. I’ve identified with this creative art more so than any other for many reasons, but one reason stands out: writing allows for my introverted nature to safely flourish. This is not to say I don’t mind climbing onto a stage and singing my heart out or teaching children silly nursery rhymes or doing some stupid stunt like pretending to be hypnotized by an anachronistic hypnotist (yes, it happened and, no, I will not give details… I’m still healing). I like being the fool and playing pretend.

My Charlie Bee. He too is an introvert.

However–hiding behind my words and characters gives me a chance to share a message without slapping you in the face. It’s my way of connecting to the world that too often throws pictures and videos that we prefer not to witness. Writing fiction–urban fantasy or paranormal romance, call it what you will–means I get to expose who I am at the core through my stories.

So, all said, I find it incredibly daunting to create and maintain a blog. I have lots to say, mind you. I never fall short of discussing philosophical theories or whatnot. I love a good debate or deep discussion. What I find interesting, may not translate well to a blog. But I am in a world devoted to on-line socializing. At some point, this introvert must emerge from her cave and step into the limelight.

I’m doing just that… so please be kind, internet world. I am, and always will be, an introvert. I need no excuses to run back to my cave and peer out at you from the darkness.

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  1. totally understand! i think most artists are how you described!! most of us don’t like the lime light but we allow little parts of ourselves out and about in the public to either view or read. almost as if you get to see the person for a slight moment and then it’s gone.

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