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Some women who have these massive surgeries feel like they lost their “womanhood” and they want to put something beautiful over the scars to show they survived.


For the past two weeks I had the privilege of asking tattoo artist, Jessica Weichers questions. This week, dear readers, Jessica has answered your questions.

  • I’ve always been curious what types of ink are available to choose from. Are there some that are ‘healthier’ than others? More natural, etc? Or is there an industry standard product that everyone uses?
There are many different brands of ink out there. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t even give an ingredient list… some, very few companies, have submitted their recipe and are approved in areas, like Europe and Canada. From what I hear the U.S. might be next. So, I stick with the approved companies. There’s word that they are making an all vegan line of inks but I haven’t heard much about it… just a whisper in the air at this point.
  • Can Jessica tell us a little bit about her involvement with P.Ink? I think this organization is wonderful!
P.Ink is something I got into when I was asked to fix a botched masectomy surgery. This client was very unhappy with her scars, so we made them into pretty flowers. She was so happy. She wasn’t afraid to take her clothes off again. And she added that she felt much better having a woman do it too.
It was really nice to be able to give that feeling back to someone. Some women who have these massive surgeries feel like they lost their “womanhood” and they want to put something beautiful over the scars to show they survived. It’s a much different level of a tattoo at that point. I feel like it’s part of what I can give back to women.
  • I want to know more about your Sacred Tattooing. That sounds really neat, but I’ve never heard of it.
The Sacred Tattooing is a much more energetic, holistic side of tattooing. I’m trying to bring it back to its roots. Tattoos have been around almost as long as mankind and it was done to represent a special time in someone’s life, like an achievement or a right of passage. It was special and sacred to that person. I feel with the popularity of tattooing, the process has lost that original feeling of achievement.
I have a strong pull toward the vibrations of matter, feelings and disease and as a result I have been combining this type of energetic healing with the use of crystals, breath work and meditation before the session. Some clients use if for deeper meditations, some use it to relax before a session, some to try and remove a block of energy. There are so many uses for it that I’m just skimming the top right now. I love doing it and my clients have really enjoyed it too! The world is shifting and a lot of us can feel it.
  • What do you say to people who want to get armband tattoos?
Hehe… armbands…. in the famous words of another tattooer “friends don’t let friends get armbands”…. that is all I have to say about that…. hehe

As Bugs Bunny says, that’s all, folks. I’d like to thank Jessica Weichers for sharing her time and passion with my readers and me over the past three weeks. Anyone who wants to contact Jessica, please visit her Facebook page. She regularly posts pictures of her latest work and updates with her whereabouts.

Thank you, Jessica. You make this crazy world a better place.