erica cyr

Continuing from last weeks post, Tattooist Spotlight, where we met artist, Erica Cyr and learned how she got into tattooing, what she thinks of being a female in a male dominated industry, and what she wants clients to know about her industry, below are five more questions.

1) Skin art is an ancient practice—something I’m not sure a lot of people know. Although tattooing is widely accepted, a stigma lingers. How funny that something so ancient could be taboo, right? How do you deal with tattoo “haters”?

It doesn’t bother me when I meet people who are not exactly fans of tattoos. I actually like being able to prove to people that rational everyday hard working people are heavily tattooed.

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I love that I get to work next to so many talented and creative people who are so passionate about tattooing and art. It inspires me and pushes me in my own work to try new things.



2) Have you ever experienced something mysterious surrounding a session or client? For example, you couldn’t get your gun to work right or you couldn’t get to the shop for strangely odd reasons.

I have one client, who initially was booked with one of the other guys in the shop,  that I was definitely meant to work with.  She was booked with someone else accidentally on his day off and I happened to be free for consultation. I was really excited right away by what she wanted to get and we got along really well and its been a joy to work with her on this piece! Not that crazy but I don’t believe it was a coincidence!

3)  What are your biggest career achievements?

Some of my favourite tattoos are the ones where I have a lot of creative freedom. I’ve done a few tattoos on one of my coworkers Chris that I love because he let me have pretty much total creative freedom. We’ve done a Jack Torrance portrait on him and a gramaphone which was pretty small but so fun! I painted a watercolour picture of a woman with an octopus on her head just for fun one day and he decided he liked it and wanted it on his ribs! So that’s one we’re in the middle of completing now. Oh and we also did a banana and rotten tooth on his bottom knuckles, which were just funny. :)

4)  Aside from the shop, where can people find you this year? Conferences or conventions?

Our shop is having an art show on May 3rd of this year and I should be at the Calgary Tattoo Convention this year too!

5)  What is your favorite part of your job?

I love that I get to work next to so many talented and creative people who are so passionate about tattooing and art. It inspires me and pushes me in my own work to try new things. Having a career that is ALWAYS challenging me is amazing, even when I’m frustrated haha. And being able to interact with new people every day, hearing about their lives. I would most likely never meet most of the people I do if it wasn’t for tattooing.

And here’s a bonus question, lovelies:

You aren’t just an artist. You have ink too and lots of it. Tell us about some of your own favorite tattoos? 

Most of the work I’ve had done on myself was done at the shop I work at so it’s all pretty special to me because all the guys here have been huge influences on me. I have one piece done by an artist in Vancouver whose work I really admire. She had a really cool illustrative style. It was awesome to go to Vancouver with the purpose of just getting tattooed by someone whose work really inspires me. I plan on doing a lot more of that in the near future!



Now it’s your turn. Have questions for Erica? Have you been dying to ask a tattoo artist a particular question but too nervous to ask? Post your queries in the comments and Erica will answer them next Monday.