1. Teresa Doyle

    Jessica did two of my tattoos and will be doing a third when I am able . In my mind she’s the best not only for the artwork but for the her personality. You just know when you talk your getting a straight answer or comment. She gives you honesty and really just cares. When your done you leave very happy with her work but you also leave with a better mind very positive. She is simply the best.

  2. Judi Cook

    I’ve known Jessica for a number of years and can’t think of a better person or a any other tattooist I would go to. I have one tattoo that Jessica did for me when just starting her career and I love it. Jessica’s love of nature shows in her beautiful art. She’s a fantastic lady and tattooist in every way!

  3. Great article! I’ve always been curious what types of ink are available to choose from. Are there some that are ‘healthier’ than others? More natural, etc? Or is there an industry standard product that everyone uses?

    Looking forward to more in this series 🙂

  4. CW

    Can Jessica tell us a little bit about her involvement with P.Ink? I think this organization is wonderful!

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