Thursday Music Moment

Today’s song always makes me cry. I have sustained a longtime love for Loreena McKennitt. I discovered her in high school, back when I was an aspiring singer/musician, and since I have kept her close to my heart. She inspired me to learn to play celtic harp. So, the following song is a longtime favorite that applies to so many things in our lives and to my book.

Not everything I listened to while writing was heavy metal or dance. Not everything I wrote in my book is funny or lighthearted. It’s about death. Death is final. Death is a gut-wrenching subject. And I take that very seriously.

So, I share “Dante’s Prayer” by Loreena McKennitt. It’s about acceptance and letting go. It’s asking, “Please remember me when I’m gone.” Death can’t take away the memories of the ones who have gone before us. It can’t win every battle.



  1. OH MY GOSH! Did I know you guys love Loreena McKennitt!? I have a boxed set of her CDs! She’s amazing! Yet one more reason we’re friends 🙂

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